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This is my house . It has three floors . It is yellow . There are five rooms in my house .First is a big brown door . Living room is yellow . In the living room , there are two windows , a sofa , a big television , three ceiling fans , four trees and many furniture . They are nice . Next , it is kitchen . This is where my family cooking and eating .It is blue . It has a big dining table , a television , a window and three trees . And this is bathroom . It is very comfortable . Everyday , I brush my teeth and wash my face here . They are down floor .

Up floor , my bedroom and parents' bedroom . I love my bed very much . My bed has a bed , a desk , a wardrobe and a small sofa . It aslo has many trees , a television and two window . I think it is very nice and big because it is pink and many furniture . Near my bedroom is parents' bedroom . It is violet . There are two windows ,a bed , a television , a wardrobe and three trees . My mother this room because this is where my parents rested .

I love my house so much

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Hi everybody! I am Anh,today will talk about my home. We live in a small house in the center of Hanoi. My house is small but it is very beautiful. There are 3 floors in the house and it has 3 bed rooms, one kitchen and living room together, others is bed rooms. It is not a fantas house but comfortable. In my bedroom, we has bed, wardrobe, desk and computer…. The living room is small but it is very nice and the kitchen is very convenient. I prefer the comfortable than the fabilous. My house also has a small garden with some trees and flowers. My house isn’t large but it very beautiful, and I love this house so much.

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This is my house. My house has 7 rooms which are the living room, my parent’s the bedroom, my the room, the kitchen, the dining room, the bathroom and the toilet. In the livingroom, you will see the altars the first. It is put in high position highly. In the mid-room, table and chair are put in here there are chairs and tables. (not sofa, not armchair). We have some pictures on the above wall. The TV is put behind the table and the chairs .In my the room, the computer is put beside the desk and the bookshelf is put next to the desk. On the left, the bed is put near the wardrobe.In the kitchen, the cupboard is put near the refrigerator and the stove and the cooking rice.

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My house is located in a small quiet alley. That’s a pretty pink house which consists of 6 rooms in totally: a living room, a kitchen, a toilet, a bathroom and two bedrooms. There are all white of the leather sofa, a television and a sideboard in the living room. After dinner, my father will turn on the television, choose a great movie and we watch it happily. Next to be right the living room is the kitchen where is used for cooking and enjoying the meals. In the middle of the room is a dinner table which is made from wood. Two cookers, a refrigerator and all the neccesary stuff for cooking is arranged carefully in the right corner of the room. In the left of the kitchen is a clean toilet. Beside the toilet is the bathroom which is equipped a shower and a bathtub.

There are only two rooms upstairs that is my parents’ room and my private room. I’ve decorated my bedroom with adorable wallpaper and many lovely stuffed animals. A single bed is placed next to the window so that I can stargaze before falling asleep. In the opposite of the bedroom are my desk and my bookshelf that contain many kinds of book. There are also an old television and a piano in my bedroom. I especially love the piano because that was the gift from dad in my birthday. In every Christmas or New Year holiday, all member of my family ornament the house together and then gather in the kitchen to cooking. Although my house is not too big but to me that is the most beautiful house in the world.

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