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To do well at school, college or university you usually need to do well in exams. “All students hate exams” may be a generalization, but it is fairly true one. Certainly, all of the students I’ve known disliked doing exams, None of them thought that the exam system was fair; to do well in a exam you simply had to be able to predict the questions which would be asked, This was the case as regards tow students in my class at college. Botyh of them were exceptionally bright, but in the final year “exam” neither of them got an a grade. In fact, they both got Cs. The exam had tested us on questions which had come up the previous year. They had both assumed that the same questions wouldn’t come up again, and hadn’t prepared for them.

1) Students need to do well in exams __________.

a. In order to do well at school.

b. Because they need to do well at school.

c. So that to do well at school.

d. Therefore they have to do well at school.

2) The stastement “ All students hate exams” is _________.

a. extremely true b. completely true

c. quite true d. very true

3) Which of the following sentences is not true?

a. All of the students the writer has known thought that the exam system was unfair.

b. To do well in an exam you simly had the ability to predict the questions which would be asked.

c. None of the students the writer has known disliked doing exams.

d. “ All students hate exams” is fairly true generalization.

4) Why did the two students in the writer’s class get C grades in the final exam?

a. Because the exam was very difficult.

b. Because they didn’t prepare for the questions that had come up the previous year.

c. Because they were dull students.

d. Because the questions weren’t in their lesson.

5) The writer’s main purpose of writing the passage is to _________________________.

a. describe the importance of exams.

b. discuss how exams effect on the students.

c. explain the equality in examinations.

d. criticize the exam system.


Every year people in many countries learn English. Some of them are young children. Others are teenagers. Many are adults. Some learn at school. Others study by themselves. A few learn English just by hearing the language in film, on television, in the office or among their friends. Most people must work hard to learn English.

Why do these all people learn English? It is not difficult to answer this question.

Many boys and girls learn English at school because it is one of their subjects. Many adults learn English because it is useful for their work. Teenagers often learn English for their higher studies because some of their books are in English at the college or university. Other people learn English because they want to read newspapers or magazines in English.

1. According to the writer. English is learn by _____________.

a. young children b. adults

c. teenagers c. all are correct

2. Most people learn English by ____________.

a. themselves b. hearing the language on television

c. working hard on the lesson d. speaking English to their friends

3. Where do many boys and girls learn English?

a. at home b. in the office

c. in evening class d. at school

4. Teenagers learn English because ___________.

a. It’s useful for their higher studies b. it’s one of their subjects.

c. They want to master it. D. a and c are correct.

5. Why do many adults learn English?

a. Because they want to see movies in English.

b. Because they need it for their job.

c. Because they are forced to learn.

d. Because it’s not difficult to learn.



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